" Making us more responsible as a company."

On-site Environmental Solutions

In today's world all bodies of water can effected by toxic waste, whether caused by multi-million dollar companies or a mom and pop store that sprung an oil leak. There will always be ponds, streams, lakes and other varieties of water facing pollution. The equipment from Cutting Technologies exists so that all bodies of water can be toxic free, pristine clean and stay that way. 

The need of bringing safe equipment into contaminated areas is higher than ever and people all across the world, in different states and dealing with different toxic issues are taking notice.


"The filtration system from Cutting Edge Technologies has cleaned the surface water at a multitude of our locations, saving us thousands in fines, but more importantly, making us a more responsible companyType your paragraph here."

​- Richard Groleau - Kitsault Mine, Vancouver BC Canada

​"The Cutting Edge Technologies mobile filtration system allows me to own and run a successful business in which I now have customers like Target, WalMart and Home Depots. I never thought I would customers like I have today."

John East - Bronx NY  East Enviromental

"The PCB Remediation System from Cutting Edge Technologies is by the far the fastest and most thorough of all toxic and PCB remediation systems in the market today."

-TL Powell - Powells construction, Atlanta Georgia

"I became a distributor for Cutting edge Technologies to have a competitive edge in a growing marketplace with customers everywhere. This also allowed me to help improve our world and clean up the water people drink today and for my children's future."

- Tim Torosian - Hazmet MD, Wisconsin